Dreamz Teamz

Here is my hopeful initial core of contributors (I haven’t told them yet in most cases):

-Aaron Probe
-Josh Mosh

There was probably someone else as well that i cant remember. These are people who i talk to who know about beer and i value their opinions. I’m hoping they’ll just post about beers they find interesting so then me (as well as the readers/other authors) will then hear about beers they might not have heard about and missed the chance to try. No big in depth posts need. just stuff like “got AleSmith Anvil ESB at Taylors and it was great; try it if you like Game Day Ice.” or the ‘highlights’ of beer week 2011.

Origin: I sent Scott an email with Brewz Newz as the subject. I thought it was too stupid sounding to pass up. Also i hear using “z”s instead of “s”s was cool with the Internet now days.