AleSmith IPA: Brothers in Arms or The Pliny Killer?

AleSmith IPA vs Pliny the Elder: the taste test I’m too cheap to do right now. Also i dont want to drink too much since i have to drive a bunch tomorrow. I’m a wimp.

As far as I know there isnt some big fight of Pliny vs AleSmith, but if there were, we’d all win (was that lame or what?). The AleSmith IPA is to me (i’m a lamer) taste like Pliny but with a little less of a bite, like 3% less. Right now its the best tasting thing in the world. The bottle was $7.99 at Taylors whereas the Pliny is like $5 for about 6 fl oz less.

AleSmith also does and ESB called Anvil that is excellent. Another win for the San Diego area.