New breweries where I live!

On most weeks it seems that I learn about a new brewery opening somewhere nearby. Yesterday I was at a brewing event deep in the mountains of  Marin County and a new brewery came to us!  The guy who started Petaluma Hills Brewing Company brought 8 growlers with him to talk about and share with everybody. He has opened a brewery directly across the street from Lagunitas Brewing Company! He had some good stories too.


A great day with thanks to J.J. Jay of Petaluma Hills Brewing Company

Not only are new breweries opening up everywhere but you can now find beer in more places.  Today, I can walk down the Main Street in my hometown of Pleasanton (and adjoining side streets) and buy LOCAL BEER ON TAP at EIGHT different locations! Five years ago there was only the Main Street Brewery and I felt lucky just for that!


Altamont’s Rich Mahogany on tap at the Cellar Door

So that’s a huge improvement for Pleasanton. On the other hand,  I was looking  forward to Iron Oak Brewing because they were located just a few buildings away from where my kids have gymnastics. They were trying to get a tap house open, but now the warehouse they were in is empty. On a similar note, 8 Bridges Brewing tried to get an actual production brewery going in Pleasanton because they are entirely family run and live in Pleasanton. They had to move one HWY exit away to the city of Livermore. They have a great place there now. It’s one of 7 breweries within a 20 minute drive of our house.  Five years ago there was only the Main Street Brewery. (see list)  (Keri n’ me on the far left on homepage )


Had to check out Das Brew in Fremont with the wife last December.


The Main Street Brewery has had to change just a little, but it’s still my favorite place to go. They initially lost some business to women who preferred they more stylish looking Handles gastro pub that opened across the street. So they remodeled and got rid of the long tables that they had in front and the yellow paint is gone too. However, they kept most of the personality, like having nice big colorful beer taps instead of stylish little “handles.” Of course, I preferred it the way it was. During the day it seemed more like a fun place for the entire family, but they do seem to have more people in there since they made the changes so I can’t argue.


About as good as it gets, at my favorite place with my favorite kids last Summer. Main Street Brewery.