Monterey Brew Pubs


Alvarado Street Brewery, I was trying to get the kids to wave at me, but they were a little embarrassed.


Point Lobos


I’m happy to have a family that doesn’t mind leaving the house at 5 AM to beat traffic. We had plenty of time to check out Point Lobos and as we were leaving the park the line of cars to get in was over a hundred yards long (on a Tuesday!). A few stops later and it was time to have lunch at the new Alvarado Street Brewery in downtown Monterey. I was actually worried this place would be a little too fancy. The food prices looked a little high on the web site. However, it had a nice brewpub like attitude when we got there. They whipped out some kid menus and we got served right away. The beer was good too. Keri really liked the peanut butter stout. My favorite was the cinder cone. However, I couldn’t taste it after my taste buds got a little wiped out by the Habanero Ginger, very hot, very ginger.

The Peter B’s Brewpub is actually just a short walk away. I had been there before with Henry when I took him to the Monterey Bay Aquarium a few years ago for a Cub Scout sleepover. However the most memorable thing about going there at the time is that I loved the pint glass. It’s my favorite. I think because sentimentally I remember playing cards at my grandma’s house when she lived in Monterey. I read in the newspaper a while back that the place got a new brewer and had improved, but it didn’t open until 4pm so I just took a photo from outside.


The Ice Cream Shoppe had the largest collection Beatle’s memorabilia I have ever seen, but I found the beer section.



Henry at Dennis the Menace Park

This is also the first time in a while that I went to Monterey and didn’t stop at the brewery in the neighboring town of Marina. I can get most of their beers at Trials in San Jose because they do the English Ales, but what I wanted is this year’s calendar of sexy local women, definitely worth stopping in for! As we headed back I knew the rest of the family just wanted to get home. Next time.