Working Man and Altamont in Livermore.

Went to a couple of breweries with the wife today. Working Man Brewery, great strong brews.12 beers on tap. I like this place a lot. While we were there I told the wife that I think I’m all better now. I’m too old to have anxiety or panic attacks. We can go out at night again if she wants to. She said, “Really??” Then she took out her phone and bought us two tickets to Screeching Weasel, The Queers, and Mr T Experience in SF in August. I’m going to look forward to that. … I hope. I think so. I warned her I’m still going to be wearing my gun range ear protection.
Thanks to Bug I have a new gun range ear protection hero… I just bought one of their albums on I-tunes. I have no time for vinyl.

Then we went to Altamont Beer Works. Freaking nuts. This place has always drawn a crowd. The service is quick, but now they’ve got the music blaring too. I don’t even know what was playing but it was nothing good. The wife had to yell to talk to me. Not a good place for an old man. I drank quickly so we could go, plus we had to pick up Henry at gymnastics. There is a new pizza place a half mile from our house that has six different taps dedicated to Altamont. I’m happy about that but I may not go to the brewery again. Holy crap that was weird.


Great photo I took of the wife five years ago at Magnolia Brewery. It was my birthday.